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Poster: William Tell Date: Jan 7, 2019 11:50am
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: Hey Vermoontains, I will see your NRPS and raise you a KINGFISH

Not any real help here, but in the Bay Area, we defn weren't really aware of Kingfish til BW joined. In March of 75, I saw them in a bar in the East Bay suburbs of Walnut Creek, which held 100 people tops? Bob is playing then. Amazing. Then, that summer, when they play at the Bob Fried Boogie (ie, K&D band, Kingfish, JGB, then the DEAD at midnight) they are "bigger time" of course (Winterland). 76 they really hit their stride, those shows in LA at the Roxy in March were widely available on tape, and they make one album from them if I recall (but leave "off" the best Bobby songs!?...hmmm, you'd think I'd be okay w that at first, eh? har, har...).

But. they really were the "same" as you note; in effect, they were the "upgrade" of my HS buddies that were in the DEAD coverband (they in fact did a number of KF tunes too!). A "big time" garage rock band so to speak.

High Flow and JOTS will recall the Concord Pavilion where KF played a time or two w the rest of the hiatus bands (JGB & KD) in late 75/76.